​​Majestic Farm

Our Animals

Large Black Hogs

Large black hogs are a rare heritage breed hog. The pork from these breeds is more flavorful, moister, and has a better texture then any conventional breed of pig. We like to think of them as "Old World" pigs, capturing the essence of what pork should taste like. 

More than six of the original breeds of pigs used for pork production in the US are already extinct. Large Blacks take longer to grow and have fewer piglets then factory-farmed pigs. But it's worth it! In order to keep these superior breeds living and growing, we need to keep farming them. The marker for hogs is in pork, and that's why we do it.

If you would like to learn more about Large Black hogs and other rare and heritage breed livestock, visit the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.


Heritage Breed Chickens

We grow heritage breed chickens that are recognized by the American Poultry Association as a breed whose genetic line goes back prior to the mid-20th Century. The breeds we grow are exclusively American breeds that are able to breed naturally and have the genetic ability to live long, vigorous lives. Believe it or not-that isn't something most farmers consider! Our birds take at least 16 weeks to grow as opposed to factory farmed birds at only 7 weeks.  

 Our birds may not be as round and heavy as birds sold at markets, but they have more flavor, can survive in outdoor settings, are able to breed naturally and don't die at a very young age do to intensive breeding practices that have mutated their body (and souls!)

Welcome to Majestic Farm!

At Majestic our family grows pasture raised pork and poultry. All of our animals are raised outside in the woods and pasture that exist on our farm. We raise our livestock with sustainable practice delivering healthy, happy meat to your family.

At Majestic we believe that farming is living and we treat our animals the way we ourselves wish to be treated. Our animals breath fresh air, mingle with each other and enjoy all of the beauty Sullivan County has to offer!